Centricity Halifax

Centricity Research

Web Site:  http://centricityresearch.com/

Suite 420 (Memory Clinic is in Suite 130)
36 Solutions Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3S 1L8

Toll Free: 1-855-378-8783

Principal Investigators:
Dr. Mark Johnston
Dr. Ronald Wojcik
Dr. Rodney Brittain
Dr. Kerrie Schoffer

Regional Operations Manager:
Nicole Blanchard
(902) 431-8783
Fax: (902) 431-1359
email: nicole.blanchard@centricityresearch.com

Director of Business Development:
Alysa Langburt
(514) 806-3055
email: alysa.langburt@centricityresearch.com

Patient Engagement Supervisor:
Heather Rushton
(902) 431-8783 ext 102
email: heather.rushton@centricityresearch.com

Madie El-Alghil
Natasha Brown
Samia Fashia
Christina Foy
Gagan Oberoi

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