2005 – Dr. Andrew Kertesz

Director of Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Research Centre, St. Joseph’s Health Care London

Dr. Andrew Kertesz is Professor of Neurology in the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at the University of Western Ontario.  He is Director of Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Research Centre at St. Joseph’s Health Care London – St. Joseph’s Hospital, and former Chief of the Department of Neurology.  He graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, studied neurology in Toronto, and behavioural neurology in Boston.  His publications deal with the classification, localization and recovery in aphasia, as well as alexia, apraxia, visual agnosia and dementia.  His books include “Aphasia and Associated Disorders” by Grune and Stratton (1979), “Localization in Neuropsychology” published by Academic Press (1983), the “Western Aphasia Battery“, published by Grune & Stratton and the Psychological Corporation (1982 and 2006), “Localization and Neuroimaging in Neuropsychology” by Academic Press (1994), and “Pick’s Disease and Pick Complex” by Wiley-Liss Inc. co-authored by Dr. David Munoz (1998). Recent research projects are the experimental treatment of acute stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, primary progressive aphasia, and Pick’s disease.  He has standardized a Frontal Behavioral Inventory for the diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia and is active in clinical trials for the treatment of dementia and vascular disease of the brain. His most recent book is “The Banana Lady”, a collection of curious behaviour, speech and movement disorders (2006, Trafford)