2018 – Dr. Guy Lacombe

Dr. Guy Lacombe is a passionate geriatrician and researcher and a leading advocate of caring for people with cognitive impairment.  Since 1982, Dr. Lacombe with his depth of experience in geriatrics, neuropsychiatry, and pedagogy, continues to be an effective clinician and communicator of his knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive disorders.  He has delivered practical cognitive training to more than 3,800 students and has trained more than 100 physicians, delivered 160 workshops and presented at over 500 conferences on cognitive-related topics.  The number of residents that have chosen to follow his path attests to his high degree of specialty.  Dr. Lacombe is a skilled organizer, having served as president or director of numerous professional or scientific organizations, of which some he formed. These include the International Associate of Gerontology and Geriatrics, the Quebec Memory Clinic Network, CIMA-Q, and the CDRV. Dr. Lacombe has been a member of C5R since the very beginning and served on the C5R Board of Directors from 1999-2001.  He continues to be the PI at the memory clinic at IUGS conducting clinical trials in the field of dementia. 

Dr. Lacombe has been a key player in implementing the Quebec Dementia Plan through regular interactions with front line cognitive care teams diagnosing and managing major neurocognitive disorders in Quebec.  This approach is being used by one of the Canadian Consortium of Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA) teams as a working model for Canada.  He has developed and organized national continued education courses and international congresses and has published numerous publications and presentations.  Along with many prestigious awards Dr. Lacombe has been honored with, including the first to receive in 2010 the award of Excellence de la contributin au developpement de la geriatric au Quebec, his expertise and contributions are now being recognized as this year’s Irma M. Parhad award winner.