2017 – Dr. Michael Borrie

Dr. Michael Borrie is the Medical Director for the Aging Brain and Memory Clinic, a principal investigator with the Geriatric Clinical Trials Group in London, Ont., Program Director of the South-Western Ontario Regional Geriatric Program, and a Professor in the Department of Medicine at Western University of Canada. As Director of the Geriatric Clinical Trials Group, he has made outstanding contributions to the development and implementation of clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in Canada. He has not only developed community programs and networks to support the interdisciplinary care of frail elderly seniors, many with dementia, but has also taught and mentored other physicians, researchers, residents and students, and allied health professionals in best practices in dementia care and geriatric medicine.

Dr. Borrie has been active on Ontario Medical Association Committees negotiating with the Ministry of Health on policies to support geriatric care programs and to support community and academic geriatricians. He continues to support the local Alzheimer’s society and has been past director of the London branch. In addition to his specific research contributions in the field of dementia, Dr. Borrie has provided leadership in C5R. He served as Chair of the Protocol Review and Study Selection Committee from 2015 to 2010 and as C5R president from 2011 to November 2017. As president, he led the C5R in a transition to a sustainable model of funding that will ensure the future success of the organization. He is extremely generous in sharing his time and insights with other C5R research centers. A key to Dr. Borrie’s success as a clinician and trialist is his ongoing commitment to patients and to public education on dementia. He has been featured by the Alzheimer Society, MacLean’s magazine and other organizations and publications.