2022 – Dr. Pedro Rosa Neto

Dr. Rosa-Neto is a clinical neurologist expert in quantifying the protein aggregates, functional and structural changes in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. His research involves brain-imaging techniques including PET and MRI to observe and measure these changes. Dr. Rosa-Neto directs the Translational Neuroimaging Laboratory (TNL) and the Translational Biomarker for aging and dementia cohort (TRIAD), both part of the McGill Centre for Studies in Aging, and the Montreal Neurological Institute. The aim of his research is to develop biomarkers capable of identifying pathological processes in the brain.

His many academic achievements include:

– Directorship of the McGill University Research Center for Studies in Aging,

– Translational Biomarker for aging and dementia cohort design and implementation

– Supervision of very successful graduate students and fellows who are acknowledged as lead authors in his numerous publications.

Along with Pedro’s many accomplishments, awards, and publications, too many to list here, he prepared in September of this year, in collaboration with Serge Gauthier and other esteemed McGill Colleagues, the World Alzheimer Report “ Life after diagnosis: Navigating treatment, care and support”. This report follows the 2021 World Alzheimer’s Report: Journey Through The Diagnosis Of Dementia, which was prepared by the same team and released in September 2021.