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HAVE YOU BEEN ASKED TO PARTICIPATE IN A CLINICAL TRIAL? Researchers in Canada are seeking feedback on your experience with declining or participating in a clinical trial via an on-line, anonymous survey. To access this on-line survey, please click here  

What can improve medical treatments? What can influence public health policy? Once research is done in a laboratory, clinical trials are the next crucial step, and participation by Canadians in clinical trials is important. Many of the treatments we have in Canada today are available thanks to people like you volunteering to take part in a clinical trial. Click here to learn more

Following successful laboratory work or animal studies, new treatments must undergo clinical studies (testing in human volunteers, also called clinical trials). Human trials are an essential part of the research and development of pharmaceutical drugs It is the responsibility of the Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) of the Health Products and Food Branch (HPFB), Health Canada, to ensure that all drugs used by the public are safe and effective for specific conditions, and of high quality. Potential treatments for dementia are evaluated through these clinical trials. Click here to learn more about how drugs are approved in Canada.

Research is the key to overcoming a condition that is forecast to affect 1.1 million Canadians by the year 2038. Be part of the future of Alzheimer’s disease treatment.  Click here to read Person-centred plan for Alzheimer’s.

A number of clinical trials and research studies are underway in Canada at C5R Research Sites. Click here to learn more about volunteering for clinical trials.

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